website in Japanese image website debuts today with its new Japanese language version.

After the launch last year of the completely redesigned site, in English and Italian, the world of Ferrari has now been further enriched by the addition of this new online tool dedicated specifically to its clients, enthusiasts and fans in the great Asian nation.

The new version of the site is an acknowledgement of the Japanese public’s enormous passion for the Ferrari brand. It aims to foster an even closer relationship between the Prancing Horse and the Japanese public, and boost already-high user participation by eliminating any language barriers. In a further acknowledgment of the Asian world’s passion for Ferrari, we now also have a Chinese language version of under construction.

Japan has long been one of Ferrari’s most important markets and we have had a presence there since 1965. Ferrari Japan was opened in 2008 to cater to the needs of our growing number of Japanese clients and their brand experience. This same philosophy inspired the new Japanese language site. Today, there are five dealerships in the country: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka. Another will open in the spring of this year also. The Ferrari Owners’ Club in Japan has over 600 members and there is also a very large body of collectors in the country. The very first Corso Pilota Ferrari driving course was held in Japan in 2009 as part of the programme organised by Ferrari to allow clients improve their knowledge of their cars and their own skills behind the wheel.