Ferrari has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary in Hong Kong with a huge gathering of different models, under the “close watch” of the company’s boss, Luca din Montezemolo.

The Prancing Horse has organized the biggest gathering of Ferrari supercars in Greater China, with over six hundred vehicles attending the event, which took place at the Asia World Expo on the island of Lantau. The attending supercars were arranged in a five-petal flower form, which is representing the Hong Kong symbol, known as the Bauhinia Blakeana.

“I am pleased to be here to celebrate Ferrari’s thirty years in Hong Kong, along with so many owners who share our passion and the search for excellence, exclusivity and innovation,” said President Montezemolo. “Their contribution to our growth in Greater China has always been a vital element and it will continue to be so in the future.”

Amongst the Ferrari supercars which have attended the event on the Lantau island there were the 365 GTC, the 458 Challenge, the 599 XX or the FXX Evoluzione, amongst others. The company says that the average age of Ferrari owners in China is quite low, at 35, and the brand is very popular in the Asian country.


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