Ferrari’s Employees Receive Record Bonus of 4,096 Euro for Strong Results in 2013 image

Italian automaker Ferrari said that the 2013 production bonus for its employees would be a record 4,096 Euro.

Thanks to excellent financial results in 2013, increased levels of quality and record profits, Ferrari decided to offer its employees a production bonus of 4,096 euro, the biggest in the automaker’s history.

This means that besides the 1,000 euro already received by each employee, they will also have 2,096 euro added to their paychecks next month. For a new employee this translates in an extra 20% of his/her annual salary.

The production bonus is the result of the agreement signed in 2012 with the labor unions, with the final objective of sharing the automaker’s success. In 2013, besides the production bonus, the company paid out  an additional 3-year bonus and chairman Luca di Montezemolo announced his contract extension by 3 more years.

Last year, the Italian supercar maker announced its strategy to limit annual production to less than 7,000 units to keep their value and exclusivity over time. This strategy will be applied this year and in 2015 too. In 2013 the automaker’s revenues increased by 5% and trading profits jumped 8.3%, reaching an all-time high net financial position.

Ferrari is not the only automaker in the world that pays “nice” bonuses to employees . Germany’s Porsche paid 8,111 Euro bonuses to every employee, while VW 7,200 Euro.