Ferrari’s incredible museum can be visited for free… from the comfort of your home image

Chances are you’re a Ferrari enthusiast in some degree – and while you would jump at the chance of raveling in the glory of the historic models of the make you’re unwilling to spend thousands of dollars.

That’s the usual amount needed for a journey to the Ferrari Museum if you consider everything, from airplane tickets, lodging and access. But fortunately there’s a new option: the Ferrari Museum is now part of Google Maps’ StreetView. This means anyone using an INternat connection can take a virtual tour and witness all the legendary Italian sports and racing car manufacturer’s hallowed grounds in Maranello. Naturally, the experience of seeing them with your eyes and even touching them is like in the advertisement “priceless”, as we think spending all the cash is still an option so we can behold the sports cars in the metal.

Of course, if you’re sitting in your office and have nothing to do since it’s Monday you’ll have this visit as a relaxing alternative. To bring it up just type “Ferrari Museum” into Google Maps and then take the little orange man on the trip to the museum. Then you’ll be treated to some great high-resolution static imagery of some of the world’s most famous—and valuable—Ferraris. This 360-degree experience was taken in December so there’s also at hand the “Genius and Secrets” temporary exhibition. You won’t leave with the merchandise from there, but you just have to play with your browser again a bit to access the Ferrari shop and possibly spend the same cash that would have landed an actual visit to the museum.