Oct.6 (GMM/Inautonews.com) Christian Horner has admitted he thinks the FIA tries to level the playing field when a team displays dominance under a certain set of rules.

The Red Bull team boss said the regulation changes over the winter, including the banning of blown exhausts and the clampdown on flexible wings, have hurt the reigning back-to-back world champions.

“The changes over the winter had a big impact on us,” he told Kleine Zeitung newspaper.

Asked if he thinks the FIA specifically targeted Red Bull, Horner admitted: “I think history has shown again and again that when a team is dominant, then something like this (the rule changes) happens.”

And asked if he feels Red Bull has been treated unfairly in other ways, he added: “Let’s put it this way — some of the decisions we have seen this year I think you could say were quite harsh.”