FIA will review 2010 WRC regulations image

In a press release, WMSC (World Motor Sport Council) announced that it will review the entire regulations for the 2010 World Rally in an effort to reduce the costs of competing.
The statement said: “The WMSC expressed its concern at the apparent potential increase in the cost of a World Rally Car. The WRC Commission will therefore review the current direction of the proposed 2010 technical regulations, in order to ensure that the original decision to use no more than a removable, bolt-on kit to change a Super 2000 or Group N car into a World Rally Car is maintained.”

Sources inside today’s meeting said: “This seems to be quite a clear message: the cars must be cheaper. Full stop. There is feeling that the regulations have almost turned full circle and the 2010 cars would be pretty much the same as they are now. That’s not what the FIA wants.”

“The FIA wants a kit which can be bolted on and off a Super 2000 or Group N car in next to no time. If it doesn’t get that – well, it will get that. In their current form, the regulations appear to have gotten away from there.”