Fiat 500 “F1TM Limited Edition” on the Singapore Grand Prix circuit image

Tomorow, 28 September, Singapore will host the first ever night-time Grand Prix event in the history of Formula 1.  As a taster to the exceptional event, a “500 Drive” will take place today, before the GP qualifying rounds. This will involve 12 Fiat 500 “F1TM Limited Edition” cars being driven round the same track by celebrities.

Lorenzo Sistino, Managing Director of Fiat Automobiles had this to say: «The Fiat 500 is now sold in 57 countries and has won more than 250,000 orders since its launch last year. Not to mention the fact that 50% of its customers chose it without considering other models.

Fiat will build 12 unique  Fiat 500 F1TM Limited Edition . The cars are equipped with the same lively 1.4 16v engine available on the rest of the range, that develops a maximum power of 100 bhp (73.5 Kw) at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 131 Nm (13.4 Kgm) at 4250 rpm. Top speed of 182 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in 10.5 seconds.

Fiat 500 F1TM Limited dition