Fiat 500 By Garage Italia fashionably sells at auction for charity image

Fashion has been keen to meet the automotive industry on numerous occasions, and most of them had traits that distinguished the resulting vehicle from the crowd – it’s clearly the same thing with this striped Fiat 500C.

We’re going to stop this time from reserving judgment towards the polarizing attire because the custom model has been created specifically to be auctioned for a good cause – to benefit AIDS research. In charge of delivering the fashionable attire was Garage Italia Customs, the well-known aftermarket specialist that loves to dress up the cutesy city car in its shop in Milan, Italy. The reputation of the tuner comes from bespoke, often quirky products for high-end customers. And while the venue is mostly known in our circles for the Fiat 500 mods – and occasional BMW – their portfolio goes from motorcycles, through cars and then helicopters, yachts, and even aircraft.

Fiat 500 By Garage Italia fashionably sells at auction for charity 3

The unique 500 was inspired by fashion designer Angela Missoni, who’s the creative director for the Italian fashion company with the same name, known for colorful designs and geometric patterns, which are obviously nodded here in the 500C. There’s bespoke interior work too – the materials for the seats, floor mats, and other interior bits were supplied directly by Missoni. The car went under the hammer at the ninth annual charity event organized by amfAR, held September 21 in Milan at the Palazzo della Permanente – the bid in itself wasn’t revealed, but the gala itself raised over $12 million for AIDS research since it first started.