Fiat 500L Will Feature the TomTom GO LIVE Service image

TomTom announced that the new Fiat 500L will feature the semi-integrated TomTom GO LIVE.

The award-winning, real-time services called TomTom GO LIVE, features a special cradle and dashboard system that offers clear visibility and therefore a safer driving experience. The TomTom service will offer Fiat 500L drivers a stress-free navigation experience and the possibility to save time and money using this real-time service.

“An increasing number of drivers recognize the benefits of connected navigation; TomTom HD Traffic provides a dynamic navigation experience which has become essential for OEMs to meet the demands of their drivers,” said Charles Cautley, Managing Director of TomTom Automotive.

By extending the partnership with TomTom, Fiat will be able to provide this new service to a broader range of drivers. The TomTom GO LIVE includes the TomTom HD Traffic, Search & Go and TomTom Speed Cameras.

TomTom HD Traffic offers the quickest routes in traffic, being updated more often than any other provider. The Search & Go app, which includes Expedia, Trip Advisor and Twitter, offers drivers the possibility to access reviews, navigate to friends, events and places more easily. The TomTom Speed Cameras offers drivers access and informs them about fixed and mobile speed camera alerts.