The Italian based automaker Fiat has released some new images with its newest creation up to date, the 500X crossover.

After it has been officially presented to the public just a couple of months ago, during the 2014 Paris Motor Show, and now getting ready for its North American debut, at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Fiat 500X is being placed into the spotlights once again, this time with the help of some new official images which have been released by the car manufacturer. The Fiat 500X is joining the 500 family, where the 500, the 500C, 500L, 500L Trekking and 500L Living can already be found.

Fiat is planning on offering two versions of its new crossover, one of them being more stylish and offered in the Pop, Popstar and Lounge trim levels, while the other one coming in with a more rugged look and available in the Cross and Cross Plus trim levels. We are not sure what engines this will be using on the North American market but in Europe it is available with the 140 HP and 170 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir II along with the 1.6 MultiJet II with 120 HP and 140 HP. AWD will become available too, on certain models, along with the 9-speed automatic transmission.


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