Fiat Brings the Alfa Romeo to China image

Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Group’s CEO, announced the company’s plans to bring the Alfa Romeo to China.

“The Chinese market is still interesting, it has just become more competitive and more complex after a moment of great expansion. After the USA, the next stop in the global relaunching of Alfa Romeo will be China. We have not yet decided if we will start production here, but certainly we are of a mind to bring the label (here),” said Marchionne.

Marchionne brought the news in a press conference held in Changsha, in southern China, where he also announced the launching of the new facility where the company will manufacture the Fiat Viaggo. The model was created and developed with local partner the Guangzhou Automobile Group, especially for the Chinese auto market.

Fiat Group’s CEO added that if in 2004 the company brought in China models that were not in line with the Chinese market, now this issue was solved by bringing one of the most advanced productive structure they have to this country. The company plans to expand the Fiat Chrysler segment globally, and bringing the Fiat Viaggio to China is only the beginning of this goal.