Fiat-Chrysler Automaker Might Be Based in the Netherlands image

Sergio Marchionne said that Fiat-Chrysler might be registered in the Netherlands after the merger will be completed.

Marchionne said that Fiat Industrial, which is Fiat’s sister company, will move its headquarters to the Netherlands after the merger with U.S. unit CNH will be completed in several months and that the Italian automaker might do the same move after the merger with Chrysler.

Currently Fiat and shareholder VEBA are in talks over the price for the 41.5% stake in the US automaker, which the Italian car maker does not own yet. A Delaware court might rule on a price by the end of this month.

Earlier this month Fiat announced it had exercised an option to purchase another 3.3% of Chrysler, placing a value with 82% more than a disputed earlier tranche. That agreement has been held up by a court in the US as VEBA, the union trust which owns the shares, wanted a higher price. In mid-2012 Fiat began exercising options to purchase stakes of a little more than 3.3% from VEBA every six months under an acquisition deal.

Fiat is willing to pay $254.7 million for the latest stake in the US automaker, but the price is still under what VEBA has calculated. The trust considers that the first 3.3% stake is worth $342 million, while Fiat says that it is $139.7 million.