Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to reach 2014 targets image

According to Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne, the newly formed Fiat Chrysler Automobiles would achieve the targets set for the year, despite difficult markets.

The CEO of the automaker pointed out that although the difficulties in major markets – for Fiat mostly – like Brazil and the European market continue, the targets set for the full year would be achieved.

“At the group level, we’ll achieve them. This is not a problem,” Marchionne told reporters during a Venice event. “Fiat will maintain its market share in Brazil amid the ups and downs. We expected it to be a difficult year. We see a difficult year until the elections.”

Although many other automaker, especially those competing in the premium segment have seen advances on their European sales and many countries – especially in the West – now report healthy sales each month, the CEO is still dissatisfied with the overall European car market, considering it to remain “more or less in line” with 2013.

He also pitted some of the performance of the Fiat unit in the region – which has been a loss-making business for years, on the overall performance of the Maserati luxury unit for the year, as there are no more cuts to be made to the mass-market side of the business.

Via Reuters

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    FCA, they make all if not most exicting and beautiful cars in the world, wish them sucessr