Except for Dodge, which is actually going to lose two model nameplates, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles expects its strong performance in North America to continue, with forecasted sales growing to 48% to 3.1 million units.

The sales gain should occur within the limits of the recently unveiled five-year plan, that calls for its global businesses to thrive by the end of 2018. Currently, Fiat Chrysler sales were of just 2.1 million vehicles for the North American region in 2013.

Except for Dodge, all brands are expected to augment their market share footprint in the US, Canada and Mexico – with the Chrysler namesake brand the most ambitious – it wants to jump 132% to reach 770,000 units in the next five years.

For the same period, Jeep forecasts its sales could go up in the North American region by a more manageable 44% to 800,000 units. Also strong should be the Ram truck brand, which expects a 32% growth to reach 620,000 vehicles.

Fiat’s European brands, the namesake marque and Alfa Romeo are expected to increase by 67% for the former and reach a 150,000 per year tally for the latter in 2018. The only brand set to decline is Dodge, with a 10% dip to sales of 660,000 units.

After the automaker in the last five years has invested $4.2 billion in its North American operations, with an increase of the workforce from 46,000 to 71,000 people, the company will be able by 2018 to build and sell 2.6 million vehicles in North America. It would import around 360,000 units, mostly from Italy and in turn export around 380,000.


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