Fiat Chrysler Plans to Introduce Seven New Alfa Romeo Models by 2018 image

The newly created Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will introduce seven new Alfa Romeo models by 2018, and will try to boost sales of its sports vehicles five fold – according to a report by AutoBild.

Fiat Chrysler Automabiles plans to return to profitability in the European market by 2016 and for this it relies on the relaunch of the more than a century old Alfa Romeo brand and the luxury Maseratis. According to the automaker both Alfa Romeo and Maserati vehicles will be manufactured in Italy.

The automaker aims at selling 500,000 Alfa Romeo vehicles annually, compared to almost 100,000 sold in 2013, according to German Auto Bild magazine. The company did not comment the report, but it is expected to present its new industrial plan, new models and outlining investments for the following three years on May 6.

The German magazine also said that the automaker is set to introduce a convertible Spider by 2016, a sedan and wagon version of the Giulia in 2017 and a sedan and wagon version of the Alfetta in 2018. The Giulia sedan will rival BMW’s 3-series and the Alfetta model will compete with BMW’s 5-series.

Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne relies on the sporty Alfa brand to boost sales, as he believes that the automaker has the possibility to offer the global profile which the mass-market Fiat is not able to do.