Fiat Chrysler shows new strategy to dealers – plans plug-in minivan, new Jeep SUVs image

FCA chief Sergio Marchionne revealed its plans for future U.S. products in front of 7, 000 dealers at a meeting in Las Vegas that took place on Tuesday, where a blue print was presented which included a new plug-in minivan, an updated Dodge Charger and new Jeep SUVs, according to attendants of the event.

FCA’s CEO has been in the spotlight recently for its requests regarding the industry consolidation, but has received negative feedback from competitors and analysts for having a rather reduced product lineup. After several years of growth in sales the brand has seen in the U.S., the FCA chief, who became the head of the carmaker after its bankruptcy in 2009, has expressed his ambitious plans for the automaker’s future.

The event also showcased the next generation of the Jeep Wrangler SUV, which would achieve 30 MPG according to dealers who were in attendance. This is however a really high goal for a car which was known for the opposite of fuel efficiency. The next generation of the Wrangler, which is one of Fiat Chrysler’s biggest income sources will be launched in 2017.

What made an impression on the dealers was the new Dodge Charger, which was compared to GM’s Chevrolet Corvette four-door sports car. Fiat Chrysler is also looking to produce a new Chrysler crossover car and two new units for Jeep – a small and compact SUV and the much-awaited Grand Wagoneer. At the event, dealers got to see more than 6 models from FCA, with automakers often staging similar product events for their retailers, this being the third one Marchionne was a part of.

A spokesman for FCA refused to comment on the meeting.