Fiat Chrysler still looking for a merging partner image

Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne said that Fiat Chrysler is still willing to engage in merger talks, but there are only few possible partners left.

Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne has been looking in the last couple of years for a partner to help Fiat Chrysler share the development costs, but the plan did not go accordingly so far. After he was rejected in his attempt to engage in talks around a merger with General Motors, Marchionne revealed on the sidelines of the Geneva Auto Show that that his company was not engaged in any other tie-up takes at that moment. More recently, the CEO said that he was still open for suggestions, but also adding that there were only a few carmakers left which could be interested in such a collaboration and naming Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford as the only remaining potential candidates.

“The door has never closed, the need to consolidate does not go away,” he said on the sidelines of a shareholder meeting in Amsterdam. However, Ford promptly closed that door by stating it does not have any interest in such a tie-up with FCA. “As we consistently have said, Ford has no plan or interest other than to continue to accelerate our One Ford plan, deliver product excellence and drive innovation in every part of our business,” the Blue Oval brand said in a statement. But there are also other major automakers which could potentially prove suited for Fiat Chrysler, such as Hyundai-Kia, but “the Koreans don’t get married,” Marchionne said.

Via Reuters