Fiat Chrysler will survive without a partner – CEO image

This week, FCA’s chief Sergio Marchionne told in front of around 7,000 dealers at an event in Las Vegas that the American carmaker could make it with or without a partner after conducting a public campaign in search of a potential partner.

Marchionne stated that he isn’t under pressure to merge with another company and that FCA could finance on its own a product portfolio. The head of FCA has been lately criticized for the brand’s small lineup of cars.

One of the people who attended the product preview at the Las Vegas show said that a part of Marchionne’s speech stated that “We were told that the idea we can’t compete on our own was nonsense. The new models show there are no delays in the new models.”

Marchionne showed a significant number of redesigned models or entirely new cars in Las Vegas, which includes three Jeeps and a plug-in hybrid electric minivan.

He also announced plans for a number of freshening product projects that are scheduled for the following 24 months. The event also showcased the next generation of the Jeep Wrangler SUV, which would achieve 30 MPG according to dealers who were in attendance.

The next generation of the Wrangler, which is one of Fiat Chrysler’s biggest income sources will be launched in 2017. A highlight of the product preview was a streamlined, next-generation Dodge Charger that was welcomed with the dealers’ applause. Moreover, a new Dodge Barracuda convertible is also in the works for FCA.

With Marchionne looking for new partnerships, it is a certainty that Fiat Chrysler can survive on its own due to all the new vehicles announced. An attempt from the brand to partner with General Motors Co. led to questions that the brand could not compete head-to-head against automakers like Volkswagen AG and Toyota Motor Corp., but FCA seems to survive on its own just fine.