Fiat Confirms it Will Produce Cars in Italy for the US image

Tuesday, September 24th, Fiat confirmed its plans to manufacture vehicles in Italy for export mainly in the US.

Fiat did not offer information on what models it will manufacture in Italy for the US market, but analysts believe that the vehicles are expected to be Jeeps and Chryslers. Until now Fiat has produced the Fiat 500 subcompact for the American market at a Chrysler facility in Mexico, so this would be the first time when the automaker’s Italy plants will produce cars for the US.

“We can and we must think of the car sector in Italy in a different way, refocus it, so that it becomes an important production center for exports outside Europe,” Marchionne said in a speech to workers in Turin. “In our case, that means above all the United States.”

The company tries to make up for the loss in the European market by focusing on the US where demand is growing and the Chrysler plants are running at full capacity. Marchionne also said that the European Central Bank should loosen the process for obtaining credits and EU Commission should take measures so that the free trade agreements won’t favor only the South Korean and Japanese auto markets.