Fiat said it will not take part in Italy’s only annual car show next year, dealing a further blow to the event that was cancelled this year due to a lack of exhibitors, reorganized and moved in another city for next year.

Organizers are moving the venue of the country’s auto show to Milan from Bologna next year in the hope of sparking fresh interest. The event, called the Milano Auto Show, will run from Dec. 11-21, 2014.

“We do not believe conditions exist to create a new show. Market problems in the last years have led to the closure of important shows in big European cities,” Fiat said in an announcement.

Fiat also said the Geneva, Frankfurt and Paris shows are sufficient for automakers to showcase their products to the public and media. Fiat has a market share of about 30 % in Italy. Italian car sales will almost halve to below 1.3 million units this year from a 2.5 million peak in 2007, so automakers have little incentive to spend the money to show new products to a public that’s not buying.

After Fiat released its statement, Promotor Chairman Alfredo Cazzola (organizer of the Milan show) was quoted by Italian daily La Repubblica as saying that “Fiat’s business is to build cars, not to organize shows.” He told the paper he is convinced that Fiat will reconsider its position after it is shown the project for the Milano show.

Via Automotive News Europe


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