Fiat delaying SUV for Sedici replacement image

The Fiat-Chrysler Group is currently delaying the production of a new Jeep compact SUV, targeted at Italy, for developing a replacement for the Sedici model.

According to the guys at, the Italian based automaker Fiat will develop a new generation of the Sedici model, and this will influence the manufacturing of a new Jeep compact SUV, which has already been codenamed as the B-SUV. The B-SUV has been originally scheduled to enter production in 2013, at the Fiat Mirafiori plant in Turin, ant the compact model was aimed towards Italy, but even so, plans to develop the B-SUV haven’t been left aside and the vehicle will hit the production line in the second quarter of 2014.

The Fiat B-SUV is expected to be smaller than both the Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass, and besides Italy, it will also be sold across Europe and thanks to Chrysler, the model will also hit the over-seas dealerships, in the United States. But besides delaying the new B-SUV, Fiat is also planning to develop a new generation of the Sedici, which is currently made in Hungary by Suzuki, and the Italian automaker actually needs new models because the Sedici sales have declined by 10 percent last year, to 14.800 units. The Mirafiori plant will still receive the 1 billion euro investment but this will happen one year later than it was originally planned.