Fiat diesel emissions within regulatory laws, Italian transport minister says image

Italy’s Transport Minister has dismissed allegations that FCA’s diesels are over-polluting, after media reported that certain cars showed emissions irregularities.

German media have reported that Fiat 500X crossover powered by the 2.0 litre diesel engine has been using an “outlawed” device that alters the emissions management system, thus over-polluting way above the limits. This “behavior” has been also backed up by the DUH and Transport & Environment green groups. Following these revelation, German authorities have asked their Italian counterparts to test Fiat vehicles and they have summoned FCA to further discuss over the matter, an invitation declined by the Italian-American automaker.

“There were no illegal devices found on diesel models by other carmakers except for those Volkswagen models already identified,” Italy’s Transport Minister Graziano Delrio said this week in Luxembourg. “Fiat cars showed full compliance with emissions procedures during tests done while driving and we excluded any misleading procedures,” he added.

The transport ministers from the European Union met in Luxembourg earlier this week to discuss around the recent emissions disclosures, as many other automakers beside Volkswagen have been caught using certain tricks to hide excessive emissions levels on their diesel models.

Following the dispute around the matter and because of Fiat’s “uncooperative behavior”, the Bild Am Sonntag newspaper recently reported that Germany is considering to impose a sales-ban on the brand’s models in the country.

However, Fiat is under scrutiny not only in Germany, but in France as well, after the Environment minister Segolene Royal confirmed that real-world emissions tests highlighted significantly higher emissions on many brands, Fiat-Chrysler included.

Via Reuters