Fiat Freemont – Dodge clone for Europe? image

Fiat on Monday released pictures of the Freemont crossover that will debut at the Geneva auto show in March. The new Fiat Freemont cross-utility vehicle is a rebadged, and only slightly modified, version of the ʼ11 Dodge Journey.

Basically the front of the car comes with a new bumper and grille and the rear end receives a redesigned bumper and LED tail lights, but it still doesn’t look very different to its Dodge cousin.

Moreover, interesting is the press release: “the Freemont has its own distinctive and original style.” I’m sorry – where’s the originality?? Ah .. it’s from the badge …


Anyway, the good news is that the European Freemont will have the option of two 2.0-liter diesel engines (140 and 170 hp) and a standard manual transmission in its front wheel drive configuration. There will be also available an allwheel drive version available only for the 170-hp MultiJet diesel or the 276-hp 3.6-liter V6.

Fiat will use the Freemont to replace its Ulysse people-carrier, which has not sold well and which ended production this month.

  • burnel penhaul

    I like the Dodge and Chrysler products, I have a Sebring which I think is underrated by most reports and tests, I intend buying a Dodge Journey for my next car. It is such a pity
    Chrysler cannot find better dealers in Spain, I have had the experience of two, they are both rubbish and unfortunately Chrysler are not much help. I will bin the next warranty, buy the car privately and rely on my own local garage. If anyone wishes me to enlarge on this please contact me. I had excellent service from Chrysler CO-OP Derby I took it back to the UK to be serviced, retired garage owner UK