The Italian car manufacturer Fiat is taking advantage of the rising economy in China by expanding its dealers and also building a new car for the Asian auto market.

Fiat will expand its Chinese dealer network from September 2012, from 40 to around 100, trying this way to get a piece of the rich Asian cake.

According to the Fiat Management Group, the manufacturer will also launch a new medium sized sedan, under the name of C-medium, specially designed for the Chinese auto market. The price for the new car is not currently known, but it is expected to be in the low cost segment.

“Today we have 40 dealers and our target is to have 100 dealers by the launch of the C-medium, by September, more or less, next year”, said Lorenzo Sistino, CEO of Fiat Automobiles, at a press conference in Shanghai to launch the company’s Fiat 500.

The target of the European car manufacturer is 140.000 units a year of its new car, and around half the company’s 300.000 units for 2014.


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