Fiat marks 500 anniversary with gift for stamp collectors image

Way back in 1957, Fiat was pushing Italy into an economic boom with the arrival of the affordable and lovable Fiat 500, which has remained an icon ever since.

The company is now celebrating the model’s 60th birthday, and among other things – such as a special edition vintage version – they are also unveiling a special edition stamp to commemorate the event and probably make every philatelist around the world a little bit happier. The stamp depicts the original 500 from 1957 and the new generation, refreshed and in 2017 model year guise. It’s valued at €0.95 ($1.00) and will be available soon, with a total of no more than one million examples produced. Auto and postal aficionados can get it from the Officina Carte Valori of the State Printing Office and Mint, featuring Italian flag branding and the text “Fiat Nuova 500″ using the same font as the 1957 advertising.

“The Fiat 500 has become a true icon thanks to its functionality and its innovative shape and technologies, which can be seen in its design, unmistakable bodywork and versatility of use,” read the company announcement. “With a permanent place in the collective memory of mass-market products with a soul and a strong personality, for decades the 500 has been an object lesson in car design, influencing and shaping the forms and contents of most modern utility models.” Fiat is currently selling more than 80 percent of the 500 production outside of its home country – in Europe and in the United States.