The Fiat Group has recently announced that future customers of its auto brands will be able to buy petrol at 1 euro per liter.

With the European economy going down, automakers closing plants in some countries or firing some of their workers in order to save money and cut down costs, the Fiat Group has come up with an insane marketing campaign which will definitely attract more customers into the company’s vehicles. The Fiat Group will offer petrol for 1 euro per liter to customers who will buy a new car made by the Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo or Jeep brands.

According to the car manufacturer, the promotion won’t be held forever and future buyers of an Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep or Lancia will be able to get petrol for 1 euro per liter only for three years and in a kilometer limit which will be announced later on. If you buy a vehicle made by one of the brands mentioned above that doesn’t mean that you can walk in any gas station and get the discount because only a few gas stations have accepted to work with the Fiat Group on this project.

In Italy, one liter of petrol costs 1.83 euros, which is the highest price in all of the European Union and new car sales are down in the peninsula for the fifth consecutive year. The peak of most new cars sold was achieved in 2007, when 2.5 million vehicles have found new owners. In 2012, Italy is expected to sell 1.46 million cars.


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