Fiat has offered its employees from Kragujevac plant in Serbia a pay rise of 13% after negotiations with labor union.

The 2500 employees from the Kragujevac plant, which manufactures the 500L among others, will receive salaries between 320 and 340 euro a month, an increase from the previous 280 and 300. The raise was offered after employees refused to be paid a fifth from the average salary of an Italian colleague and requested help from their labor union.

The automaker increased their salaries, which are now at the same level of those in Pomigliano and Tychy. The employees were also offered a bonus up to 320 euro, an extra payment with retroactive effect and a thirteenth month salary. The labor union said that it still tries to discuss with Fiat the number of working hours, as the current scheme is too hard for the workers. Employees said they would like to get back to the five-day workweek and the 8-hour shift a day, instead of the four-day workweek and 10-hour shift a day.

As Serbian protests are quite rare, the automaker was somehow taken by surprise, but it managed to quickly solve the issue and not put in danger production of the 500L.


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