Fiat Offers Its Customers Petrol Discount for Three Years image

Today, June 1st, Fiat unveiled a marketing plan that will allow those who purchase a Fiat-brand car to buy petrol for one euro per liter at participating petrol stations in Italy.

Currently Italy is the country with the highest petrol price in Europe, 1.83 euro per liter ($8.54 for the gallon), and at the same time on its 5th year of auto industry decline. The country has fallen from 2.49 million cars sold in 2007 to about 1.46 million sold in 2012. Fiat, Italy’s biggest carmaker, sustains even bigger losses.

“The offer will be based on a calculation of the motorist’s potential mileage, with effects that can last for up to three years,” said an unnamed source.

The offer for Fiat car buyers is available by the end of 2015, and consumers would save around 45% on gas costs. With the “Buy our cars, get discounted fuel!” strategy Fiat might see some impressive sales, convincing customers to stick to the brand the get the company back on its feet.