Fiat stops expanding 500 range image

The Italian based automaker Fiat will stop expanding the 500 range once the crossover will finally hit the market, sometimes next year.

The initial plan was showing Fiat as a direct competitor for the MINI brand with its 500 range but it seems that the carmaker will now stop developing this range, once the 500X will become available to its future customers, in 2014.

“We’re talking about a few models with 500 that leverage on the asset, not several. Mini is a brand, 500 isn’t. Fiat is the brand so the 500 does not need to be. There is a limit”, as Gianluca Italia, the Fiat brand chief, told Autocar.

With the Fiat 500L MPV being the latest addition to the range, the company will stop expanding the lineup with the 500X crossover, and this means we won’t get to see the rivals for the MINI Cooper Coupe and Roadster. Fiat will continue to expand its range, however, and replacements for the Panda are being planned for the nearby future, along with the ones for the Punto.

Source: Autocar