Fiat teases the 500 Riva speedboat special edition image

The Italian automaker and yacht manufacturer Rivahave decided to have a partnership – the result is the upcoming special edition Fiat 500 Riva.

July 4, 1957 marked the introduction of the original Fiat Cinquecento, so it appears the Italian automaker wants to celebrate the passing of 59 years since the even with an anniversary special edition 500, complete with an upscale nautical theme. The limited series version has been co-developed with boat manufacturer Riva and it appears the supermini will be paying homage to the famous Aquarama speedboat. With details still kept under wraps, Fiat is still promising a plethora of “unique styling choices and exquisite detailing.” This is like saying we have special eggs, but we can share some of the details that did perspire.

For starters, the special 500 will be adorned with a lovely and exclusive “Evening Blue” body paint as homage for the spectacular Aquariva Super powerboat which is considered the spiritual successor of the classic Aquarama. The cabin will also reveal its special identity as the central part of the dashboard will be made out of mahogany with maple accents to further stress the connection with the Riva boats. Additionally, the nautical theme is completed with chrome details and aquamarine accents for a boat-like “timeless charm.” It will be revealed on July 4 and then go into limited production – though Fiat hasn’t revealed the unit count or the pricing just yet.