Fiat Tries to Bring New Brands to India image

Fiat SpA plans to bring all its vehicle brands in India after it split with its partner for distribution in this country.

Fiat plans to open 100 more showrooms in India by the end of 2014, trying to bring Chrysler, Fiat Commercial, Jeep and other brands aiming at boosting its current low market share.

“We are investigating all the brands… we have a huge number of brands and models that we can look at, including those from the Chrysler stable,” said Enrico Atanasio, head of commercial operations at Fiat India Automobiles.

Atanasio will be the managing director of Fiat’s Indian unit for the following few weeks, and declared that the company is open to importing, locally manufacturing and assembling any new brands brought in India. He admitted that the company’s market share is not in a satisfactory place and that Fiat plans to expand further into the compact and mid-range sedan segments.

At the beginning of this month Fiat ended its 6-year marketing and distribution agreement with Tata Motors and opened its first two dedicated Fiat showrooms, planning to reach 110 showrooms in the country within the next 18 months.