Fiat Viaggio going to Beijing Motor Show image

The Italian based automaker Fiat is planning to introduce the Viaggio model at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show in April.

As you probably figured it out yet from the image posted above this article, the Fiat Viaggio is actually a rebadged Dodge Dart which is based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and might actually be the version for Europe. Even if some details about the Fiat Viaggio came to the surface recently, the car manufacturer didn’t say anything about the model just yet and it will keep it as a surprise for the 2012 Beijing Motor Show which will officially open its gates next month.

The all-new Fiat Viaggio is expected to be the same size as the Ford Focus sedan and measure 4, 670 mm in length and 1,830 mm in width, but besides being aimed towards Europe, the model will also be launched in China too and it’s expected to be manufactured locally, at the Fiat Guangzhou Auto plant in the Changsha Economic Zone of Hunan province. The facility will first make around 140,000 units of the Fiat Viaggio annually, but the figure will eventually rise to 250,000 vehicles. More details on the new Fiat Viaggio will be announced in April, at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show.