FireBreather Camaro availabe for sale image

Designed for the independent film “Jinn,” the Firebreather Camaro was unveiled at the Autorama custom car show in Detroit.

The Firebreather shows what a Pontiac Firebird could have resembled. If you like it, there’s good news, as 50 units of this car are currently available for purchase at a starting price of $60,000.

“When we unveiled the FireBreather concept at the Detroit AutoRama earlier this year, enthusiasts clamored for a street version of the movie car,” said George Huisman, president of Classic Design Concepts. “[FireBreather is] the first movie car to be conceived and designed with the intent of bringing the experience home to the car enthusiast.”

For $85,000, you get a black Camaro SS with an Eibach package, custom wheels and tires and a tuned exhaust.
For $60,000, buyers get a V6 Camaro decked out in the same fashion, with better fuel economy and less grunt.

See more photos at the car’s dedicated Web site.