[VIDEO] First 3 out of 100 Nissan Leaf EV taxis delivered to Mexico image

When we think about Mexico the first thing that pops in our mind is drugs. Lots of drugs and violence. Lots of violence along with the army cruising down the streets in tanks. But it seems that all of this is about to change. Well not really but recently the Mexicans have grown a thing for saving the planet and the trees and what better way to highlight this than buying lots of Nissan Leafs and using them as taxis.

The first 3 electric taxis will run on the streets of Mexico pretty soon after the vehicles have been delivered to the local government and this is just the beginning because the automaker still has to come up with 97 more.

“Our corporate vision is that we are before the dawn of a new era in the global automotive industry and we are leading the way towards zero emissions mobility on a mass scale in the market. With Nissan Leaf, this era of zero emissions mobility becomes a reality”, said the President and General Manager of Nissan Mexico, Jose Munoz.

The delivery of the 100 Nissan Leafs which will be used as taxis can only be seen as good news and maybe the start of a new era in Mexico, but why don’t you try to stop the drug smuggling and violence in your country and then try and save some trees?