The iconic London bus has now a completely emissions free pure electric version designed and developed by the Chinese automaker BYD.

Fighting with the traffic congestion and consequently with high pollution levels, London is trying to expand its green fleet of public transport vehicles. The capital already has a fleet of low-emission busses, but it did not have an all-electric double-decker – until now. The newly introduced bus is one of a fleet of five which will shortly be entering service and was built by China’s BYD. The automaker is also working with the municipality on an introduction programme which includes driver training and the installation of fast charging equipment. The 10.2m long double-decker has iron phosphate batteries delivering 345 kWh of power and can run for up to 190 miles of typical urban driving according to the internationally recognised SORT (Standardised On-Road Test cycles) test conditions, enough to handle most daily duty rides. Recharging takes four hours and can be completed overnight using low cost off peak electricity.

“The Mayor of London challenged us saying that he did not believe an electric double decker was technically feasible but we took up the challenge and in less than two years created the bus Londoners can see today”, said Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe. “This is not a hybrid bus but a totally emissions free product which will give London a world leading position in its efforts to improve air quality”.


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