First images: BMW X3 M image

Even if the new BMW X3 is already available with the M Sports Package, the SUV isn’t part of the real M Series yet but rumors say that BMW is working on a powerful X3 M version and the introduction of the new model in the automaker’s lineup can’t be a bad thing, considering the success of the X5 M and X6 M.

Maybe no prototypes have been spotted yet and no preview was given to us by the German car manufacturer at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show but that doesn’t mean that the X3 M isn’t coming soon and now we have some images that will give us an idea of how the SUV will look, courtesy of Bimmperpost.

Rumors are that the new X3 M will be targeted at approximately 1.200 pounds and the M Sports Package will be highly visible with the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, quad exhaust system and the M badge on the panels and in the cabin, along with a powerful six-cylinder engine, shared by the M3 with the specification that it will be tuned up on the Coupe.

Enjoy the images below provided by the Bimmerpost.