First lawsuit over GM’s ignition switch dismissed image

Both sides involved in the first trial over General Motors’ massive ignition switch scandal said the case has been dismissed, after the company accused the plaintiff of false statements.

The first federal trial over GM’s faulty ignition switches came to an early end after the plaintiff voluntarily dismissed his case, also agreeing not to take any compensation from the automaker. The unexpected outcome came in the wake of allegations that the Scheuer family may have given false testimony to jurors. GM submitted a motion a week ago claiming Robert Scheuer lied about the circumstances surrounding his family’s eviction from their home months after he said he was injured in an accident involving a car affected by the faulty switch recall.

GM’s defective ignition switch, which has been linked to nearly 400 injuries and deaths, could cause engines to stall and prevent airbags from deploying in accidents. Scheuer’s lawsuit accused the automaker of concealing the defect, saying he suffered physical and emotional damages as a result of a 2014 car crash in which its 2003 Saturn Ion air bags failed to open, causing him to misplace a check for a down payment on his house.

GM has already paid roughly $2 billion in settlements and penalties after admitting that certain employees knew of the switch problems for many years prior to the recall. Several hundred lawsuits remain unresolved, including claims for injuries, deaths and lost vehicle value over the switch.

Via Reuters