First Mercedes-Benz CLA rolls off the production line in Hungary image

Mercedes-Benz announced the start of production of the CLA at its Kecskemet plant in Hungary.

The CLA is the first model exclusively built in Kecskement and the plant’s second product after along with the B-Class. To mark the production of the first CLA, plant manager Frank Klein welcomed Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán and Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Daimler Board of Management and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, who both had also attended the plant’s grand opening in March 2012.

“The CLA is based on the Concept Style Coupe, which we introduced last year. The most frequent comment by far was ‘Please put this car into series production.’ That’s precisely what we are doing now,” Zetsche said, who also congratulated the team working in the plant. “More than 40.000 B-Class vehicles built here prove that you know how to build great cars. You are doing a first-class job here at the plant,” Mercedes-Benz CEO added.

Last year, the Kecskemét plant had reached the first goal to produce more than 40.000 vehicles as planned, thus making an important contribution to the B-Class’ best-ever annual sales (worldwide sales of 145,649 units, more than 11 percent over the previous sales record in 2006).