First quarter in 2015 looks strong for Audi image

 Audi has officially revealed its results for the first quarter of the year and it is good news for the German brand. Its global sales went up 6.1% to 438, 229 units sold compared to last year.

The Audi Group registered revenues of $16, 312 million and made an operating profit of $1, 582 million, with an operating return on sales up 9.7%.

In the first quarter of 2015, Audi has seen an increase in profits in all the regions. Along with the growth in the units sales, Audi scored a 13.1% increase up to $16,312 million compared to last year when it only made $14,416 million. On top of that, the premium carmaker also saw a growth of 8.2% in the operative profit in the face of 2014, amounting to $1,582 million.

Axel Strotbek, Board of Management Member for Finance and Organization at AUDI AG stated that “Despite ongoing high investment, we are systematically pursuing our ambitious profitability targets.”

He explained that the 9.7% growth the operating return on sales has seen is a proof that the Audi Group is on a successful course, while making massive investments for new products and technologies as to extend its international production network.

By 2019, Audi plans to invest an enormous sum of $26.3 billion, with focus on technical innovations and new models as the company is known for doing the same in the past. Moreover, the German brand wants to expand its production structures at a worldwide level, counting on being financed out for investments in properties, plants and equipment by the cash gained from its operating activities.


By Gabriela Florea