First Tesla Model S arrives in China image

The first example of a Tesla Model S has recently made its way onto the Chinese auto market, where the “green” vehicle has set its owner back for 410, 500 USD.

Importing a brand new car in China is not as easy as it seems because you will have to pay huge taxes for it and if you don’t do it, the authorities will seize it and send it to the crusher. The newest example of a new car arriving in China for the first time is involving a Tesla Model S for which its new owner has paid no less than 410,500 USD. My personal choice would have been an exotic supercar which I would have delivered to a neighboring country.

The Tesla Model S is currently assembled in Freemont, California, since 2012, and it’s coming with a 5-door body style, a rear-motor and rear-wheel drive layout. The model has been officially presented to the public, as a prototype, during the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, and the first deliveries started in the United States in June 2012, and in Europe in August, 2013. The Tesla Model S stands at 4,976 mm in length, 1,963 mm in width and 1,435 mm in height, riding on a 2,959 mm wheelbase.