First Tesla Model S to be delivered by mid-2012 image

Tesla Motors has announced it will begin deliveries of its all-electric Model S sedan in mid-2012.

The U.S. electric carmaker says initial production of its plant in Fremont, California will be of 1,000 units of the high-end „Signature” Model S sedans. According to company spokesman Ricardo Reyes, that version will be priced at $92,400, prior to a federal tax credit of $7,500. The 85 kWh lithium-ion battery ensures Model S owners can drive their car for as much as 300 miles on a single charge.

Deliveries of lower-equipped Model S sedans, including the $57,400 base version (before tax credit), which has a 40 kWh battery ensuring a driving range of 160 miles, will being in fall 2012, Tesla announced on its website. The entry-level Model S will have a 17-inch touchscreen, 19-inch wheels and a Universal Mobile Connector with three adapters that allows charging at home and on the road.

By September 2012, Tesla Motors will also offer a 60kWh battery for the Model S. The company announced warranties of up to 8 years with unlimited mileage for the batteries. Tesla will soon conclude contract assembly of the Roadster with Lotus Cars and from 2012 on will produce its cars at the California plant.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company has sold out production for next year, with more than 7,000 orders received for the Model S.