First Toyota Yaris Hybrid Rolls Off Assembly Line image

Toyota started production for the Yaris Hybrid, the first car already off the line for a French customer.

The company first announced production for the Yaris in September 2010 at its French manufacturing facility. Toyota Motor Manufacturing France is the first European facility which produces full hybrid vehicles for the B-segment. It is also one of five Toyota manufacturing facilities around the world certified as a sustainable facility.

TMMF has been the home of Yaris since 2001, reaching its 2.1 million Yaris milestone on April 1st, 2012. The production line for the Yaris Hybrid model saw some adjustments to the manufacturing process to accommodate the new transmission, braking systems, inverter mount and battery installation. The manufacturing facility and staff have gone through rigorous preparations for the launch of the new full hybrid model.

The Yaris Hybrid features a newly downsized Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system, which combines low fuel consumption, emissions and cost of ownership with uniquely relaxed and quiet driving. The model sets new benchmarks in the B-segment with its CO2 emissions of 79 g/km in the combined cycle and its fuel consumption of 3.1 l/100km in the urban cycle.