The Volvo UK division has recently announced that the first FH16-750 truck was ordered in the country, being delivered to its customer, a Leicestershire based firm named A R Demolition, which will serve as a transport vehicle to their fleet of excavators, doing its best in putting all the 750 horsepower on the road.

“We are looking at the big picture when we decided to order the FH16-750. From the calculations, we expect it to be at least as good as or better on fuel than other trucks with less horsepower”, as one of the company’s owners said.

“For most FH16 customers, the focus is on transporting as many tones as possible in the shortest possible time. However, many customers also need to quickly transport high-value goods and fresh products across long distances with varying topography and deliver just-in-time”, said the truckmaker in a press release.

According to Volvo, the new FH16-750 truck is powered by a 16 liter inline six-cylinder engine, with four valves per cylinder, unit injectors and overhead camshaft, which is developing 750 horsepower. The unit is available in two versions, Euro 5 and EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle).


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