Fisker Atlantic Delayed Until 2015 image

Fisker Automotive delays production of the Atlantic to late 2014 o 2015.

Earlier this year the US Department of Energy froze the automaker’s $529 million loan due to quality issues and launch delays of its $100, 000 Karma sedan. Fisker hopes that the $55, 000 Atlantic sedan will help the automaker regain its credibility and increase sales of the future models which will share the Atlantic’s platform.

“The Atlantic is really the volume car that begins to build growth, ” said Tony Posawatz, CEO of Fisker, during a conference call with investors and analysts. “It creates a business model that is one where we can really generate cash in the future.”

Fisker spokesman Roger Ormisher said that the automaker hopes to present a production timeline by the end of this year, but unfortunately the plan depends on whether the company will manage to raise enough money for the production. The automaker has announced it has managed to gather until now at least $1.2 million in private equity, but did not say how much money it needs to begin production of the Atlantic.

What is known about this model, besides the price, is the fact that its size is similar to that of a BMW 5-Series and that it will be manufactured in former GM plant in Wilmington, Del.