Fisker Atlantic Production Expected in 2014-2015 image

Fisker Automotive will begin production of the Atlantic in 2014 or 2015, two years latter than the initial plan.

Fisker, which is a hybrid sports-car automaker funded by the US government and venture investors, announced its new Atlantic mid-size gasoline-electric sedan is expected to enter pre-production in 2014.

“The Atlantic is really the volume car that begins to build growth,” Chief Executive Tony Posawatz said during a conference call with investors and analysts. “It creates a business model that is one where we can really generate cash in the future.”

This is the first time when the automaker makes public Atlantic’s production timetable, which will begin at the price of $55,000. Fisker also plans to manufacture other hybrid models including crossovers and SUVs in the near future. The Atlantic is of utmost importance for the company and the perfect solution to regain its credibility lost after quality issues and launch delays of its $100,000-plus Karma flagship sedan.

“We’re looking at the next phase of our investment and progression as a company to restart the (Atlantic) program in earnest,” said Posawatz.

In February the US Department of Energy cut the rest of the $529 million loan to Fisker because of delays in launching the Karma. But the company recently announced it is in talks with potential partners to cut costs and raise money to begin production of the Atlantic.