Fisker expands Karma recall image

Fisker Automotive, the American automaker based in Anaheim, California is expanding a recall of its 2012 plug-in hybrid Karma because of potential problems with the electric car’s battery.

The company initially recalled 50 Karma electric vehicles in December, but not Fisker has added 19 more, 10 of which it believes were delivered to customers.
It said improperly installed hose clamps in the model’s battery pack could cause coolant to leak, potentially starting a fire.

The Irvine, Calif.-based automaker says no incidents have been reported by customers or retailers. The company says it will replace the battery pack.

In other unrelated news, A123, a developer of battery modules which go into the Fisker Karma and other vehicles, said that–due to a field campaign to replace battery modules and packs with defective prismatic cells, including those used in the Karma–it is expecting to incur “net losses and negative operating cash flows” over the next several quarters.

The repairs will cost nearly $67 million and force A123 to rebuild its inventory.
In 2009, A123 Systems received a $249 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to help develop U.S. manufacturing locations for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries. In September 2010, the company opened what was hailed as “the largest lithium ion automotive battery production facility in North America” in Livonia, Michigan.