Fisker Inc. teaser is a little too Halloween for our taste image

The upcoming electric sedan penned by Henrik Fisker’s new automotive company has been teased on occasions – and now we get the first glimpse of the front end styling – which looks like a matter of acquired taste.

Fisker’s reentry into the electric automotive world looks to have a polarizing design, with the electric sport sedan from his new automotive endeavor Fisker Inc coming out as extremely bold creation. We’re actually wondering why the need for all those intakes since we’re dealing with a completely electric powertrain – while the tweet from Fisker claims he went for this shape because the low hood will pay off on the aerodynamic front. The designer also slipped some beans – hinting at a front facing radar and camera, as well as adaptable LED headlights. The last time he teased his new creation we saw the model will have wilder doors than the Model X, all of them opening vertically in this case.

The designer has been known in the past for tastefully restrained projects such as the Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8 but we’ll reserve judgment when the model officially comes out – which should be soon, considering its market debut is scheduled for the second part of next year. The powertrain is a mysterious chapter, with details only leaking about the claimed range – which should be of more than 400 miles (644 kilometers) on a charge.

Via Henrik Fisker