Fisker Karma burns in California [VIDEO] image

A Fisker Karma vehicle has recently burned in California for no obvious reason while its owner was doing some grocery shopping.

When writing about car fires we are usually expected to see names like Lamborghini or Ferrari but we should change our opinion and add a new one on our list, Fisker, because it seems that the Karma model is developing a mind of its own, just like Italian supercars, and, just when you think that everything is perfect, it decides to strike back and spontaneously combust. This is exactly the story here and the owner of a Fisker Karma hybrid luxury sedan, who was doing some grocery shopping, and, when he came out of the store, he seen his precious vehicle in flames.

According to the guys at, the Fisker Karma has suffered significant damages to the front left corner and the unfortunate incident took place in Woodside, California, on Saturday evening. The owner of the luxury sedan has called 911 and the Woodside Fire Department came immediately. No one was hurt in the accident. This isn’t the only incident involving the Fisker Karma and a fire and back in May, a brand new Fisker Karma was blamed to cause a house fire in Houston.