Fisker Karma production begins image

Three years after it was conceived, Fisker Automotive’s first car has entered in production today at Valmet plant in Uusikaupunki. First car will be delivered next month.

Valmet, which also builds vehicles for Porsche AG, is making the car under contract for Irvine, California-based Fisker.
The company recently announced that the Karma will get a price increase of $95,900 before federal incentives. Original estimated prices came in at $87,900.

“We’re going to be ramping up very slowly, very carefully to ensure quality,” Ormisher said. “This year we want to get over 7,000 deliveries.”

Fisker Automotive will be the second company in the world to launch an electric car with a range extender into the current market, just a few months after General Motors’ Chevrolet Volt went on sale.



The Karma is powered by Quantum Technologies’ Q-Drive technology, an innovative petrol engine/electric motor combination; Q-Drive is a series hybrid system meaning that the engine is mated with a generator to provide an electrical connection to the motors and also recharge the batteries and as such the electric motors are the only mechanical driving force connected to the wheels.


If the Karma is fully charged, the vehicle will not burn any gasoline for the first 50 miles after
charging. When the vehicle is out of the 50-mile range, the gasoline in the car will turn a generator that will power the lithium ion battery in the vehicle.

0 to 60 mph comes in 5.8 seconds with a top speed of 125 mph.