Fisker Looks For Partners to Build the Atlantic image

Fisker has been in talks with potential partners willing to close a deal for the manufacturing of the Atlantic.

Fisker is looking for partners to build the Atlantic, trying to raise money and cut costs. Since it was founded in 2007, Fisker managed to raise $1.2 billion, and now it is laying the groundwork to go public.

“Fisker is generally viewed as an interesting company with some very, very attractive positives and technologies that I think would be of value to many partners in the future,” said Chief Executive Tony Posawatz.

Posawatz, who is the automaker’s third CEO this year, has the difficult task of bringing the Atlantic on the market and make customers change their opinion about the company, which are based on the setbacks with the $100,000-plus Karma’s launch. Although many have praised the Karma for its handling and style, a number of quality issues have made many customers turn their backs to the brand.

Fisker hopes that with the $55,000 Atlantic it will restore its image. The model will be manufactured at a former GM plant in Delaware and production will most likely begin after the elections at the beginning of November.